Arabic Language courses

Arabic Language Course

Learn Arabic in Dubai or Abu Dhabi with Berlitz, the world leader in language learning.

Learn conversational Arabic the right way with well trained native teachers. Experience the Berlitz method when learning Arabic. The course is divided into chapters and each has a topic that relates to speaking Arabic in real life. The course's main focus is to enable students to have Arabic conversations and be able to communicate properly in real life situations.

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Arabic Group Classes

  • Small group Classes of 4-8 students to allow maximized student's talking time.
  • 38 hours of classes over a period of 2-2.5 months.
  • Conversational Classes taught by well trained native teachers using the Berlitz Method™.
  • A Goal-oriented lesson with speaking goals to be used in real life situations.
Arabic Language Course

Arabic Private Classes

  • Unlimited attention of the language Teacher
  • Self-determination of the pace of learning
  • Thinking and speaking in the new language without translation.
  • Full flexibility of canceling and scheduling classes
  • Course content, learning speed and tuition schedules are set according to your level and goals.
  • Your program can incorporate internal company materials such as brochures, correspondence etc.
Arabic Language Course

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